RPM-TB248/48 I/OThe RPM-TB248/48 I/O is the first stand alone, turn-key 48-channel AES50 I/O solution to be offered to the Midas Community. Thru the RPM-TB248/48 I/O, RPM Dynamics is now capable of offering Midas digital console users the ability to integrate Midas Digital I/O directly to any Thunderbolt equipped computer.

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Whether your need for AES50 communication is for recording, playback, virtual sound-checks, or plug-in integration to an existing Midas Console, the RPM-TB48 I/O can provide for your needs. The RPM-TB248/48 I/O is also capable of interfacing up to 16 channels of AES/EBU i/O via additional d-sub cabling. The RPM-TB48 I/O works on most any application or DAW that utilizes standard MAC core audio, making it a simple plug-and –play device after initial computer setup has been done.

Key Features


  • - 48-channels of AES50 i/0
  • -Up to 16 channels of AES/EBU
  • -Integrated EtherCON jacks
  • -Thunderbolt video channel
  • -150 Watt power supply
  • -2 Thunderbolt ports for additional Thunderbolt daisy chaining
  • -Variable speed fans for proper cooling and quieter operation
  • -Energy Saver Mode powers on and off with computer
  • -Integrated power supply using IEC cable means no dangling power bricks.
  • -Rugged aluminum housing for road worthy protection
Works on the Behringer X32 at 48K!

Hardware Requirements

RPM-TB48 I/OThe RPM-TB248/48 I/O channel count for recording, playback, and plug-in integration is dependent on the computer hardware it is attached to.  For 48-channel playback / record, RPM recommends a minimum of 2.3Gig i5 Thunderbolt equipped Macs with 8GB of RAM & FW800 or Thunderbolt 7200 / 64Meg external drives. For Plug-in applications, processing needs are higher.  Processing power and buffering will be relative to the both the number of plug-ins running and the processing needs of the plug-ins.

96k / 24-bit Midas Digital Sound Quality!

Input / Output at 96K

  • -48 Channels of 96K AES50 I/O
  • -16 Channels of AES/EBU I/O via d-sub
  • -Lynx Uber mixer for 32 x 32 matrix mixing per PCIe card
  • -Sample Rate conversion on AES/EBU inputs

Technical Specifications

  • -IDimensions ( H x D x W ):  2.8 x 15.3 x 9.1 (inches)
  • -Weight:  8.0 Lbs
  • -Power Supply:  Universal 150W 100-240V 50/60 Hz
  • -External Connctors:  2 x Thunderbolt, 2 x Ethercon, 4 x d-sub AES/EBU
  • -RoHS Compliant:  Yes
  • -Operating temperatures:  0 – 35 C (32 – 95 F)
  • -Compatibility:  Thunderbolt equipped iMac,Mac Mini, Macbook Pro & Macbook Air
  • -Mac OS X 10.6.8 + & Mac OS X Server 10.6.8+
  • -Mac OS X Server and Mountain Lion Compatible
  • -Package Contents:  RPM-TB48 i/O, power cord
  • -Sonnet  & Lynx hardware manuals & Lynx Mixer driver download link are also included.
  • ***Thunderbolt, Cat5 & d-sub cabling sold separately
  • Warranty:  Chassis 5 years, PCIe cards 1 year parts and labor
  • ***RPM-TB24 I/O 24-channel version is also available
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